Pari Aazami ‘More than the eye can see’

02 February, 2022 to 08 February, 2022
"A series of mixed media pieces which can be described as natural and organic using a mix of photography and metal leaf to highlight the extraordinary value of the world around us. The purpose is to encourage us to observe our natural world with fresh eyes and to look beyond the ordinary. I hope that it encourages questions and starts conversations about what there is to see. For me what everyone sees in the work is one of the sweetest parts of the project."
"Pari creations are organic and tantalisingly intriguing - moss, seaweed, lichens, natural surfaces that feel familiar yet hard to accurately place”.

"Exploration of adaptive primitive life that breathes in shades of green and grey”.

“It gives the audiences a sense of connection or co-dependence with the natural world”.