Fishslab Gallery

New Art Weekly

11 Oxford Street, Whitstable

Current Exhibition

Jeanette Perkins & Sheila Farmer: Embroidery and Mixed Media

28 November – 05 December – Hand embroidery, machine embroidery and mixed media textiles.

Previous Exhibition

Jenny Wiggins: Rogue Plants and Lowly Creatures

21 November – 28 November – This  group of paintings is  based on celebrating ordinary  plants and insects continuing  my interest in “the accidental poetry of the ordinary “. We expect plants and animals to exist  purely for our use or enjoyment. I want to show that weeds and unwanted plants, growing in the ‘wrong’ place should be celebrated. A […]

Upcoming Exhibition

Sue Moreton, Irene Southon, Lindsay Wilkinson: Whitstable at Christmas

5 – 12 December – In ‘Whitstable at Christmas’ three local artists explore the light, colours and textures of our coastal environment through their different media: fused glass, ceramics, felt and photography, producing beautiful work perfect for Christmas gifts that have a flavour of Whitstable. @suemoretonceramics @lindsaywilkinsonartwork @irenesouthonglass