Fishslab Gallery

New Art Weekly

11 Oxford Street, Whitstable

Current Exhibition

Sue Houghton and Anna Clement: Into Summer – Land and Sea

24 April – 30 April – Colourful and expressive works in oils by two established Kent artists who are exhibiting in Whitstable for the first time. Seascapes, flowers, landscapes and gardens. Prices from £100 – £500. Open everyday at 10.00am @suehoughton101 – @annaclement9922  

Previous Exhibition

Daphne Candler: “Now & Then”

17 – 23 April – “Now & Then” “Now” is about my work at this date and time. “Then” gives a glimpse of a few works created previously. “&” joins my thinking together for a week in the Fishslab. My works in print, clay, mixed media, collage and acrylic paint has been inspired by my love of nature and my […]

Upcoming Exhibition

Love, Loss & Enchantment: Mia Buckton, James Gilgunn and Beverley Parker

01-07 May – Three Artists explore a world where lovers hide secretly in woods, where devils meet angels and where dead souls revel. @miabucktonstudio @beverleyparkerart @ gilgunnjames