A Little Bird Told Me: PEG on Communication

09 February, 2022 to 15 February, 2022
The Profanity Embroidery Group is bloody delighted to return to the Fishslab Gallery this February.  The past two years have been challenging ones in communication, with our natural all talking over each other at once approach being replaced with misunderstood distant text. Unsurprisingly this is the starting point for our new work.  Communication, miscommunication, misunderstanding, misreading, confusion, discombobulation, double meanings - come along to the Fishslab Gallery to see where we've taken this subject in our own individual styles.

The window will be home to our climate change canaries, and we have made bunting from the result of a confused game of consequences, that none of us can even begin to understand so please don't ask us to explain.

Open daily 9 to 14th February, 10am to 5pm.