Art For Everyone – Shad Chittim and Jos Mascarenhas

20 March, 2019 to 26 March, 2019

Shad Chittim and Jos Mascarenhas invite you to an exhibition of Art for Everyone which will include a cross-section of their artistic styles, both contemporary and figurative, as well as cards and artefacts, all at affordable prices. Shad Chittim – sc6121@hotmail.com. Jos Mascarenhas – Josmascarenhas75@gmail.com

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Kevin Lord

27 March, 2019 to 02 April, 2019

Kevin Lord’s new work for 2019 : Kevin Lord is an oil painter, living in Margate. His work is mainly landscapes and still life, characterised by harmony of colourand free brush strokes. Website: kevinlordartist.weebly.com www.instagram.com/kevinlordartist

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Paul Adams

03 April, 2019 to 09 April, 2019

Paul Adams invites you to an exhibition of Painting, Drawing, Assemblages and Jewellery.     Paul Adams Email : Souldropkeys@gmail.com

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Scott Bloomfield

10 April, 2019 to 16 April, 2019

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