Life Beyond the Lens

15 January, 2020 to 21 January, 2020

This year the Fishslab Gallery has collaborated with the charity Catching Lives by offering the gallery space to this charity free of charge. Clients of this homeless charity have produced their own series of photographs. The PV is on 16th January  17.30 – 19.30. If you wish to contribute towards providing a meal for a person … Continue reading "Life Beyond the Lens"

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Martin Booth – 1977 – Punk – Birmingham

21 January, 2020 to 28 January, 2020

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What do you see – Linda Mann and Peter Waters

29 January, 2020 to 04 February, 2020

Linda started off as a floral artist and has now branched out into stylised land and seascapes. She works in a mixed media of acrylics, inks and oils. Recently she’s developed an interest in callographs. Each is different and each leaves it up to the imagination of the viewer.           Peter … Continue reading "What do you see – Linda Mann and Peter Waters"

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