Joint Exhibition: Aidan Flood & Philippa Langton

16 June, 2021 to 22 June, 2021

“Two friends responding to lockdown with portraits and landscapes”.

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Daphne Candler: ‘A Peaceful Space’

23 June, 2021 to 29 June, 2021

Daphne Candler is a Whitstable-based artist whose work fits somewhere between Abstraction and Reality. Her paintings capture suspended moments in time visualising her thinking. She explores the visual and hidden patterns above and below surfaces where things get tangled, twisted and complex. The work has an element of storytelling resulting in an almost surreal or … Continue reading "Daphne Candler: ‘A Peaceful Space’"

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Group Exhibition: ‘Fish ‘N’ Fusion’

30 June, 2021 to 06 July, 2021

The Fish ‘n’ Fusion exhibition brings together works by an exciting group of local artists. This annual exhibition features the unique mixed media creations of Sheila Miller, Caroline Brooks, Olga Taylor, Lizzy Verier and friends. Focusing on the beautiful town of Whitstable, this exhibition celebrates the vistas, built environments, and coastal lifestyle of the area. Pop … Continue reading "Group Exhibition: ‘Fish ‘N’ Fusion’"

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Chris Moody: ‘Landscape & Memory’

07 July, 2021 to 13 July, 2021

Landscape and Memory – Exhibition of Chris Moody’s work at Fishslab, 7th-12th July   London artist, Chris Moody will be showing his work in the gallery Fishslab, run by an artists’ co-op well known to Whitstable residents and visitors. Chris is an artist based in the Thameside Print Studios in south-east London. A frequent visitor … Continue reading "Chris Moody: ‘Landscape & Memory’"

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