Booking the Fishslab

Booking the Fishslab Gallery



If you would like to be added to the waiting list for 2024 please email your details to our email address –

Booking for 2025 will be taken from 9am on 1 August 2024 – please ring 07947 216787.

I appreciate the process is frustrating and I am sorry in advance for anyone ringing up on the 1st who experiences telephone issues. I do not hang up on people or reject calls – I am the only person taking calls and I answer them as they are presented to me, the issue is the network cannot handle the number of consecutive calls and some get rejected by the network, not by me. (Amanda, Bookings Secretary)

As always we know that the process of booking on 1st August is very difficult as the phone is very busy and it may feel like it is constantly engaged; we appreciate how frustrating this is and have considered if there are better options available to us.  However, we have decided that this remains the fairest and simplest process and therefore it will continue unchanged.  We apologise in advance if you are unable to get through but can reassure you that calls are answered in the order they are received so it really is just about luck!  We do not accept bookings by email.


We are pleased to say our rates remain unchanged for 2025. Low rates are £300 a week and High rates are £350.  We still do not charge commission.  Every exhibitor curates and stewards their own exhibition.


  1. Fishslab bookings are taken a year in advance and the booking for the next year will start at 9am sharp on 1 August of the current year. Bookings are only taken by phone and the number to call is 07947 216787. The gallery is very popular and the phone line is very busy from 9am onwards! Please be prepared and keep trying. Please do not text or email for bookings, we can only accept bookings by phone.
  2. All bookings start on a Tuesday and run for a week.  Prices for 2025 will be £300 for a Low Season week and £350 for a High season week.
  3. Commission – the Fishslab Gallery is a not-for profit community gallery and does not take any commission from the artists who exhibit.
  4. Payment– The full amount of your hire period must be paid within 30 days of booking to secure your place. You must also return the signed Hirer’s agreement with your payment.
  5. Cancellation– If you cancel your booking and we are able to re-let your place you will receive a refund. However, if we are unable to re-let your place you will not receive a refund. We will run a waiting list and will work with anyone who cancels to try and find an alternative hirer.  Please note, if the gallery has to close for events beyond our control, we cannot guarantee we will be able to issue refunds. Should this occur we will assess the gallery’s finances at the time and will provide full or partial refunds only if funds allow.  By making a booking, hirers acknowledge and accept this risk.
  6. Insurance– hirers must have public liability/public indemnity insurance for the period of their hire.  In addition, we strongly suggest hirers take out insurance to cover damage to their artworks.