Jon Bird Exhibition 2022

19 January, 2022 to 25 January, 2022

Come and visit the shortlisted artworks of the Jon Bird Open competition 2022!

Shortlisted - Under 21s (Select artworks to see artist name & artwork title)
Shortlisted - Over 21s (Select artworks to see artist name & artwork title)
We want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who entered this years Jon Bird Open Art Competition! We were overwhelmed with so many incredible entries and our first year of introducing the under 21s category was a great success!
The shortlisted names & artwork titles listed below!
Under 21s Category:
Olivia Lee ‘Sunflowers’ 1ST PRIZE
Bella Flack ‘Self SILENCED Portrait’ 2ND PRIZE
Sophie Fulljames ‘Jolly Pumpkin’
Adam Coram ‘All seeing eye of reality’ PEOPLES CHOICE BEST IN SHOW UNDER 21S
Harry Hagan ‘Canterbury Cross’
Harry Appleby ‘Moonlight Shadow’
Aleks Ozmina ‘The Tolkien War’
Over 21s Category:
Janet Darley ‘from Harty Ferry to Faversham’ 1ST PRIZE
Susan Bridge ‘Mr Gamage with abstract flowers’ 2ND PRIZE
Emma Loveridge ‘The Lollipop man’ 3RD PRIZE
Angela Malone ‘Best Bonnet’ HIGHLY COMMENDED
Graeme Daly ‘Pools 11’
Anna Shark ‘Fossils and absent friends’
Robert Ilsley ‘Sanguine’
Catherine McGrath ‘fishies on a dishy’
Cath Deeson ‘The Old Neptune’
Daphne Stanley ‘Harbour Crane’
Helene Williams ‘Dandelion’
Jade Taylor ‘Solitude’
John Crookes ‘Scotney Castle’
Jayne Lambert ‘Global WarNing’
Jon Sayer ‘Glass half full’
Linda Abrahams ‘Spring Ballet’
Linda Karlsen ‘The Rake’
Lucy Boutwood ‘September’
Michael Cox ‘DADA’S DOG’
Molly Lambourne ‘Russian Dolls’
Peter Cordeaux ‘Kew 24’
Robin Thompson ‘On the Up’
Sarah Jessett ‘Her Hands’
Seb Smith ‘Leaves’
Sharon Cavalier ‘Love is in the Sea’
Sheila Farmer ‘Corals’
Sophie Wyllie ‘Summer dreaming’
Susan Bridge ‘Mr Gamage with abstract flowers’
Susan Smith ‘En Point’
Suzanne Henry ‘Ram’
Tessa Jeffrey ‘Margate Sands’
Tony Gostling ‘Woman of Substance’
Zel Hunt ‘Sea breached’
Jim Keary ‘Louis Armstrong’
Kev Hopper ‘Twighlight Playground’