Inside Out | 12th-19th July

Since working in my new studio at home this last year I have
produced my current exhibition ‘Inside Out’. My work has
processed thoughts and feelings to do with my mental
health and reflects on my varying moods. From feelings of
peace, tranquillity, and joy to that of anger, jealously and
resentment – all transient and impermanent – the images
all capture moments in time that are fleeting.
From the ‘Pecking Parrot’ images, that I have used before to
think about repetitive, self-critical thought, the ‘Waves’
series has developed. The ‘Waves’ series of images uses a
variety of media including, chalks, oil pastels, designers
chalk paint, watercolour, and acrylic gouache to think about
these passing feelings – those which we would like to last
for ever and those that are less desirable. The ‘Waves’
represent many varied passing emotions and their impact
on our inner selves.

The ‘Wave’ images have culminated in one of my most recent paintings, that of ‘Inside Out’,
a Mandala that aspires to balance the contradictory emotions of anger, how this is
reconciled ‘Inside’, and where this inside object sits in the ‘Outside’ world.
Alongside these themes sunshine has featured in my work both ‘inside and outside’ the
body. Sunshine encapsulating the feel-good factor of both the ‘inner’ visualisation method
used in meditation and ‘Outside’ in the natural world. I have tried to express something of
the warmth and passion that the sun brings from the outside world, juxtaposed to the
ensuing calm within.
Other images on show are from my back catalogue and are totally at home in the setting of
this show’s theme. They are the foundation that the current exhibition is built on and use
common themes in the exhibition such as the ‘Mandala’ to explore similar questions and to
reflect on life.



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