Spruzen & Cavalier At The Fishslab Gallery

22 November, 2017 to 28 November, 2017

Cavalier makes sculptures, signs and paintings on driftwood inspired by her local North Kent Coast environment. Beach combing is a regular past time, where she forages for a range of materials such as bone, rusty metal, plastic, textiles, glass and driftwood. The sea worn flotsam and jetsam are like treasure and the starting point for her eclectic art work, currently incorporating embroidered textiles that tell a story about what the driftwood means to the artist.

Spruzen creates unique pieces of jewellery, daring statements for the independently minded, a fusion of colour and texture inspired by different cultures and lands. Her painted miniature collection draws on spiritual images from Morocco, Mexico and India as well as various muses.

Many of the beads on the jewellery come from all over the world; other components are vintage, customized and fused together with a distinctive style.