Scott Bloomfield-Kester Hackney-Jim Dawson

10 April, 2019 to 16 April, 2019

Scott Bloomfield. The working title for my collection was out of the blue. We’re all in this together would have been better, and ended up as the name of one of my pieces. This work is about celebrating individuality within a collective and enriching each others’ personal and cultural lives. Instagram @scootbloom




Kester Hackney. I illustrate strange and unconventional characters using hand printing techniques. When I create and carve my relief prints I overemphasise perspective, characteristics and envelop ambiguous narratives around the subjects which amplifies the strangeness of the characters. Instagram @tigerlino




Jim Dawson. Chronicling everyday struggles of commuters; sometimes real but often imagined. Capturing moments, faces and challenges, using analogue tools in a digital world. Subjects are scribbled in secret; observed, scrutinised and coloured by the biological lens and filter of the artist. Real people transported into the imagination of another. Instagram @plasticjimartist