Saxon Shore Studios: Linda Karlsen, Helen Wild & Robin J South

08 September, 2021 to 14 September, 2021

Saxon Shore Studios are celebrating their fifth annual show at the Fishslab. Inspired by all the things we see around every day, each artist has developed their own response. Strong images in a variety of media bring these together in a lively and interesting exhibition.

Artists: Linda Karlsen, Helen Wild & Robin J South.

Artist: Linda Karlen

"These are from a series of drawings based on Jeffrey Epstein and his terrible crimes. I have used Hogarth’s Rakes Progress as the starting point. The series is called, ’The Exploits of a Contemporary Rake Jeffrey Epstein’

Each drawing is based on the Hogarth original Rake’s Progress engraving. I use the composition of figures and setting that he used. I have set my drawings in contemporary times with pertinent artefacts and characters. Each is drawn in pen and ink and measures 50cms x 50cms. They will be sold in a limited edition final art prints of 40 each, Print only £75 and Framed as seen £125.


Artist: Helen Wild


Artist: Robin J South

"This year I will be showing a series of signed original and vibrant still life paintings, from my favourite ice creams to a double hamburger, plus a series of colourful sea life paintings  as well as other works. Colourfully painted in acrylic or in watercolour. Prices start from £25.00."