Penny Watts: ‘Flux II’ Ceramics, Paintings & Prints

20 October, 2021 to 26 October, 2021
My work is concerned with loss and exploring ideas around family memories and possessions. I am concerned with life changes; remnants of special things, finding a way to enclose feelings that are evoked, emptiness, tiredness, and the emotional symbolism.

I’m questioning what is important to me; inherited pieces, connections with the past. Links to the modern day; refugees, water, movement, journeys, recycling, making structures from recycled materials etc.

My current body of work is becoming more ambitious in terms of scale, and I am experimenting with colour, form, medium, and texture. A series is developing where each work follows on from the previous one, informed by questions I ask myself concerning what would’ve happened within the work if I’d done this or that differently, or used a different material or technique.