Online Group Exhibition:

17 March, 2021 to 06 April, 2021

An online exhibition exploring the creative artwork of seven local artists through a variety of mediums and practices.

Artists: Annie Taylor, Sharon Cavalier, Clare Jackson, Pam Caney, Katrina Taylor, Alma Caira & Max Kimber.

Annie Taylor

Instagram – @whitstabletail  


Illustrative and Textiles art

Where mermaids and fairy folk flirt with carnies and Kahlos #hasshenothingbettertodo

Embroidered tattoo style mermaid on a recycled cotton sheet


Sharon Cavalier

Instagram – @shazzershar

Textiles & Foundart

Inspired by the word cancellation,..a cancelled dinner date ;  A burnt dinner at home meant a foraged meal from the beach.  

Sea Campion grows on shingle banks, their roots tasting of oysters, famously grown and eaten in Whitstable.  


Clare Jackson

Instagram – @roseclarity


'Choice', repaired embroidered vintage cushion cover, 41 x 43cm.


Pam Caney

Instagram – @pammycreative

Beads, Textiles, Sculptures & Canvas


Katrina Taylor

Instagram – @Katrinalouisetaylor


Oil on canvas.


Alma Caira

Instagram – @almacaira

Fused glass

Kintsugi glass.
Max Kimber

Instagram – @maxkimber

Anthropology and Visual Ethnography