Online Exhibition: Naomi Watkins

27 January, 2021 to 02 February, 2021
Artwork details: 'Bath' photographic print
Artwork details: Left to Right - 

'The Wild ones' (in progress), 'The Wild Ones', 'Squirrel', 'Crazy Owl'

“My work comes from a deep passion for art, I’m not one to stick to one style, genre or medium.

Artwork details: Top to Bottom -

'Yoga Bunny' sculpture, £38, 'Yoga Bunnies' sculptures

The majority of my work has nature as it’s core, from beautiful abstract seascape paintings to thought provoking photography of abandoned places..”

Artwork details: Top to Bottom - 

'December Sea' original acrylic painting, £175

'Turquoise Skies' original acrylic painting, £70
Artwork details: 

'Excitation' painting

You contact Naomi regarding her artwork here:


Facebook: @Naomi Watkins Art

Instagram: @naomiwatkinsart