Online Exhibition: Lisa Hawkins & Martin Hyde

24 February, 2021 to 02 March, 2021
Artwork details: Lisa Hawkins 'Faversham Boatyard' 56cm x 41cm, £500

Lisa Hawkins

Lisa Hawkins has a first-class degree and an MA in Fine Art, her main subject is landscape as a vehicle to explore visually how it feels to “be” in the world.

This interest in the interplay between the interior life and the external landscape led her to complete a second Master’s degree in Myth Cosmology and the Sacred, an experience that fostered a deep and continuing interest in psychology and mythology.

She works from life, memory and imagination – welding the spirit of place with an exploration of the human condition.

Developing a relationship with a place is central to Lisa’s practice, as the memories of each subsequent visit changes her perceptions – the weather, her own moods, current affairs, together with personal and collective associations. This forms a kind of ‘alchemy’ which is played out both in the studio and in the landscape.

Drawing daily is a pivotal practice in her art.  She works in oil paint and her often large-scale works are semi-abstract with an emphasis on colour harmony.

Artwork details: Lisa Hawkins 'Path Near Fields' oil on board, 36cm x 18cm, £300
Artwork details: Lisa Hawkins 'Winter Trees in Allotment' 26cm x 26cm, £300
Artwork details: Lisa Hawkins 'Stormy Day, East Kent' 112cm x 56cm, £700
Artwork details: Lisa Hawkins 'Remembering summer in February' 40cm x 40cm, £400

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Artwork details: Martin Hyde 'Beach Huts with crow, Tankerton' framed original water colour, 40cm x 32cm, £200

Martin Hyde

Martin is from East Kent and trained as a painter at Exeter Art college in the late 70’s – early 80s.

He specializes in watercolour painting, particularly for landscapes and townscapes.

His interest in this exhibition is in celebrating the largely forgotten corners of nature that surround us and that because of lockdown, we have begun to discover and learn to appreciate. His aim in this series is to capture and convey their importance and their surprising beauty. 

Artwork details: Martin Hyde 'Approaching Squall, Sandwich Bay' framed original water colour, 64cm x 34cm, £225
Artwork details: Martin Hyde 'Poplar Tree in Winter, Stuppington Lane, Canterbury' framed, original water colour, 64cm x 34cm, £225
Artwork details: Martin Hyde 'Poplar Tree in Autumn, Stuppington Lane, Canterbury' framed, original water colour, 55cm x 44cm, £225
Artwork details: Martin Hyde 'Marram Grass, Sandwich Bay' framed, original water colour, 55cm x 44cm, £225


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