Goldsmiths Girls

31 October, 2018 to 06 November, 2018

Patricia Burnham
Patricia studied Fine Art at Reading University and Goldsmiths’ College where she began a career in Education. She has taken part in group exhibitions in Tenterden, Kent and at Seven Dials, Covent Garden, London. Subjects for her large-scale acrylic paintings include the human figure and other natural forms. Recent works celebrate the sensual and spiritual presence of fresh flowers, through semi abstract paintings which exploit shape, form, composition, colour and scale.

Linda Karlsen
Linda studied Fine art at Nottingham Art School in the late sixties and went to Goldsmiths in 1971 to study Art Education. In 1985 she gained an MA from the Institute of Education. Since moving to Whitstable, she has been inspired by the Kent seascape and countryside. Her most recent work focuses on unusual interpretations of the London skyline. She has exhibited in the Whitstable Open House and at the Fishlab.

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