Chris Moody: ‘Landscape & Memory’

07 July, 2021 to 12 July, 2021

Landscape and Memory – Exhibition of Chris Moody’s work at Fishslab, 7th-12th July  11am – 6pm

London artist, Chris Moody will be showing his work in the gallery Fishslab, run by an artists’ co-op well known to Whitstable residents and visitors.

Chris is an artist based in the Thameside Print Studios in south-east London. A frequent visitor to Whitstable, he has drawn on images from the town, London and overseas travel.

Chris Moody is an artist based in the Thameside Print Studios in south-east London. He is pleased to be showing his work in an artists’ co-op in a town he often visits for day trips in the traditional way.

He says of the present show:

‘One of the effects of the first lockdown was to make me go back to my old transparencies and make them into digital images. Many of the places I visited as a student have now become virtually impossible to do so, or, as in the case of the Temple of Bel at Palmyra, are no longer there. So, instead of roaming to find images, I journeyed down the ways of personal memory dating from fifty or more years ago to virtually the present. In so doing, I recaptured some of the first sense of wonder and gratitude for having been seized by such scenes so that they have become part of me. Sometimes I have kept them virtually unaltered in straight depiction, as those first seen on walks up and down the Thames; sometimes I have ‘played’ with them, for sheer pleasure in the case of the Sicilian baroque etchings, or out of sorrow for what has been lost or forgotten in the present turmoil as in the case of Syria. Buildings, trees, water, and the play of light upon them, form a constant theme throughout the work, and though human figures are rare, these scenes testify to the human impact on the world throughout time for better and for worse.’

Instagram: chrismoodyart