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Eclectic | 14th – 20th September

The group Access 10 came together whilst studying as mature students at UCA Canterbury in 2010. This show brings together their different approaches and philosophies within their individual art practices, show casing their diverse creative journeys to date.

“I am fascinated by the power of art to encourage people to interact and communicate with each other and the world around them. I just like drawing and painting, responding to narratives that inspire me.” – Rose West

“Following a tradition of landscape painting I capture landscapes through the car window. Brief snapshots of colour, light, water and distant horizons. The medium of oil pastel allows an immediacy to rendering the image.” – Sharon Van Diepen

“Whilst creating the clown Dancer on horseback  I kept thinking about circus animals and how we don’t use them anymore, some even nearing extinction. The world has changed so much in my life time – what does the future hold for me?” – Krystyna Lowicz

“My collages draw on collective memory and include childhood references creating new narratives around current themes.” – Carey Still

“I am fascinated by the human condition and form. Making energetic and emotive figurative work, that questions the nature of the lives we lead.” – Brendon Treeby

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