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Brian Murphy and Jane Coleman: An Exhibition of Drawings and Craftwork

03 April – 09 April –

A Joint Exhibition of Work by Father and Daughter Brian Murphy and Jane Coleman

Brian is a self-taught artist with a lifetime passion for drawing and painting. His subject interests are eclectic, but he describes himself essentially as a figurative artist. Of all subject material, he believes drawing the human form is one of the most challenging and absorbing. To him, it is also one of the most rewarding, since it is, above all, a collaborative process built on a creative partnership between artist and model. Brian’s preferred media are charcoal and pastel, which he describes as so wonderfully simple yet so exciting to use! They also lend themselves perfectly to his preferred style of drawing, chiaroscuro, a technique which relies upon the use of strong contrasts to achieve depth and volume.  

Jane, who is also a self-taught artist, has an enduring passion for creative crafts and drawing. She hopes her drawings in this exhibition reflect her parallel passion for wildlife and the lovely creatures many of us choose as pets. In relation the materials she uses, Jane says that, because of its enormous versatility and usefulness in portraying fine detail, her preferred medium is graphite pencil. Whilst her drawings take many hours to produce, she finds the process hugely absorbing and rewarding. Jane also produces beautiful macrame pieces and hand-crafted collectable bears, examples of which are displayed in this exhibition.



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