Jon Bird Prize Open Competition 2016 – The Winners

The Fishslab Gallery is proud to announce this year’s winners of the Jon Bird Prize.

1st – “Dungeness” by Frances Chapman


2nd – “IOU” by Patrick Wilkins


3rd – “Untitled” by Anna Shark

untitledThe standard of entries was very high and diverse, making the judges’ decisions really difficult.

However, choices were made, prizes presented and an enjoyable evening was had by all. It was great to meet the artists and their guests. The committee would like to thank all the artists who entered and congratulate the three winners.

Jon Bird Open Competition 2016

There was an excellent entry of 39 exhibits for the Open Competition this year. Unfortunately, space constraints at the gallery meant that not all could be exhibited. The judges (Wendy Robinson, Lin Fletcher, and Lawrence Fletcher) have therefore spent a substantial amount of time poring over the entries to select 25 items for the exhibition.

The Prize Presentation Evening will be held on Saturday, 22nd October at the Fishslab Gallery.

The exhibits (and artists) selected are:

Michael Szpakowski      Paintings named after songs by The Fall
– Theme from Sparta FC

Michael Szpakowski      Paintings named after songs by The Fall
– There’s a ghost in my house

Aysegul Coles                Poppy

Aysegul Coles                Sea

John Sims                       Another Bloody Sunset in Whitstable

Adam de Ville               Dance of the Look Out Towers

Sally Parker                    I wonder what happens inside sometimes

Janet Darley                   Sunset at Gypsy Lane, Glastonbury

Victoria Swanston         Warren

Chloe Johnson               Evangeline

Linda Bulkeley              The Making of Adam

Linda Bulkeley              Save our Skin

Emma Loveridge           Dogs Day Out in Whitstable (micro collage)

Adam Hanson                Basin

Adam Hanson                Sunset

Adam Hanson                Veil

Patrick MacDonald        The Bigger the Ripple the Bigger the Fish

Ruth Dalzell                   Blasted Tree Madonie National Park

Anna Shark                      Untitled

Frances Chapman          Dungeness

Sophie Moore                Wandering

Sophie Moore                Sand Dunes

Patrick Wilkins              Here Comes A Regular

Patrick Wilkins              IOU

Maria Paez                     Whitstable

veil26028281 basin ddo1 dungeness-1 fishslabred fishy-pic

here comes a regular, 03/04/2014, 10:24, 16C, 5538x7245 (1946+1990), 150%, Custom, 1/15 s, R97.6, G59.4, B81.0

image image1 image3 image4

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img_0881-1 img_0906 img_2247 img_2302 img_3038 iou-by-patrick-wilkins poppy2


sunset tagimh tfsfc untitled

A4 Anonymous

We are again holding our exciting A4 Anonymous exhibition.   Artists – we are calling on you again for your help in making this another successful event.   Microsoft Word - A4 2016 notes.docx

After the great success of our first Open Competition last year, we will be holding this again.   The first prize is known as the Jon Bird Prize in honour and memory of one of our founding members of the gallery.

Watch this space for more details of these and other events throughout the year.