Fishslab Website Design Opportunity

Fishslab Website Volunteer
Whitstable’s Fishslab Gallery is looking for someone to redesign and maintain the Fishslab’s Website, The Fishslab is a not-for-profit community gallery run by volunteers. The person maintaining the website would become a member of the Fishslab’s Committee. This opportunity could be split between two people, one redesigning the website and one maintaining the website and being on the committee. If you would be interested in either or both positions please email for more details.

Exhibitors for 2018

Please see below for complete  list of Artists exhibiting during 2018



Date                          Exhibitor

10-16 Jan                Helen Henderson
16-23 Jan               Isabel Skinner
23-30 Jan              Rachael Dickens   Viv Yankah
30 Jan–6 Feb       Fishslab Committee show
6-13 Feb                Wendy Arnold
13-20 Feb              PEG – Alison Fitzgerald Lucas
20-27 Feb             Karen Wynward
27 Feb – 6 Mar   Bob Lamoon
6-13 Mar                Kiffy McPherson
13-20 Mar             Denise Collar & Biddy Fraser
20-27 Mar            Paul Adams
27 Ma –3 April    Linda Karlsen – Saxonshore
3-10 Apr                Karen Stamper
10-17 Apr              Gaye Giuntini
17-24 Apr              Jacqui Hardcastle
24 Apr – 1 May   Whitstable Art Society
1-8 May                 Kate Adams
8-15 May               Jayne Johnson
15-22 May            Simon Spare & Anna Brice Cockland
22-29 May           Laura Roberts & Ben Sanders
29 May–5 June   Barbara and Hywel Drinkwater
5-12 June              Trish Flynn
12-19 June            Sheila Miller
19-26 June           Kevin Lord
26 Jun–3 July      Simon Holland
3-10 July               Daphne Candler
10-17 July             Lin and Lawrence Fletcher
17-24 July            A4 Anonymous
24-31 July            Emily Tull
31 July – 7 Aug   Carey
7-14 Aug               Ellie Goddard & Caryll Bellas
14/21 Aug              Laura Kempton
21-28 Aug             Lindsay Wilkinson
28 Aug–4 Sept    Micky Motley
4-11 Sept               Rachel Vernall
11-18 Sept             DABS drawing group
18-25 Sept           Barry Fincham
25 Sept – 2 Oct  Paul Fowler
2-9 Oct                 Cherry Tewfik
9-16 Oct               Marion Lynn
16-23 Oct             Jon Bird Prize
23-30 Oct
30 Oct–4 Nov     We are artworks
6-13 Nov              Sue Woodroffe
13-20 Nov            Jill Akhurst
20-27 Nov           Colin McGowan
27 Nov–4 Dec    Jean Markham
4-11 Dec               Moon  Terwisscha
11-18 Dec             John Whitfield
18-25 Dec           Alan Chapman


Exhibitors for 2017

3rd – 10th Jan                   Community Project ?

10th – 17th Jan                  Community project ?

17th – 24th Jan                  Louise Duckworth

24th- 31st Jan                   Linda Karlsen

31st Jan – 7th Feb              Aysegul Coles

7th – 14th Feb                   PEGS (Wendy Robinson)

14th – 21st Feb                 Wendy Arnold-Dean

21st -28th Feb                  Kevin Lord

28th Feb -7th March           Karen Stamper

7th – 14th March                Micky Motley

14th – 21st March              Biddy Fraser

21st – 28th March              Ian Waddell

28th – 4th April                  David Mitchell

4th – 11th April                  Whitstable Art Society

11th – 18th April                Daphne Candler

18th – 25th April                Steph Brunton and Natalie

25th April – 2nd May           Pure Form

2nd – 9th May                   Stephanie Waddell

9th – 16th May                  Simon Gwynne Spare

16th – 23rd May                Penny Murchison

23rd – 30th May                Sue Cavanagh

30th May – 6th June           Barbara Drinkwater and Hywel Davies

6th – 13th June                  Sue Hibberd and Colin McGowan

13th – 20th June                Wendy Robinson

20th – 27th June                Sarah Dunn

27th June – 4th July            Aiden Flood

4th – 11th July                   Max Kimber

11th – 18th July                 Group Show Lin, Steph, Col, Nicki, Janet

and Lawrence

18th – 25th July                 A4 Anon

25th July – 1st August         Thankyou Week

1st – 8th August                Wendy Mills

8th – 15th August               Paul Fowler

15th – 22nd August            Gretchen Goddard and Sue Stroud

22nd – 29th August            Fiona Osbaldstone

29th August – 5th Sept        Rosie Tribe

5th – 12th Sept                  Jean Hopkins

12th – 19th Sept                Drawing Group

19th – 26th Sept                Trish and Gill Kendall

26th Sept – 3rd Oct           Marcus Drinkwater

3rd – 10th Oct                   Whitstable Photo Group

10th – 17th Oct                  Ruth Dalzell

17 – 24th Oct                    COMPETITION Jon Bird Prize

24 – 31st Oct                    Graham Lock

31st Oct – 7th Nov             Marianne Drawater

7th – 14th Nov                  Gail Veasey

14th – 21st Nov                 Tracie Peisley

21st – 28th Nov                 Sharon Cavalier

28th Nov -5th Dec             Bob Male

5th – 12th Dec                   Barry Fincham

12th – 19th Dec                 Locus Arts

19th – 24th Dec                  Cherry Barnes


Jon Bird Prize Open Competition 2016 – The Winners

The Fishslab Gallery is proud to announce this year’s winners of the Jon Bird Prize.

1st – “Dungeness” by Frances Chapman


2nd – “IOU” by Patrick Wilkins


3rd – “Untitled” by Anna Shark

untitledThe standard of entries was very high and diverse, making the judges’ decisions really difficult.

However, choices were made, prizes presented and an enjoyable evening was had by all. It was great to meet the artists and their guests. The committee would like to thank all the artists who entered and congratulate the three winners.