“……beneath ……”

04 July, 2018 to 10 July, 2018

Daphne Candler With Guest Artist A J Shark.
This exhibition showcases two artists who may appear on the surface to be worlds apart however together they create a world where reality cannot be distinguished from a dream. Where anxiety replaces certainty, and the use of colour, pattern and shape create space and calm for the mind to drift in.
This show presents works to experience and respond too without explanation. Each work is the exploration of the artist’s inner world.
Daphne Candler responds to the supremacy of nature. The works mainly mixed media paintings exploring the language of colour, shape, line, texture, pattern and form
A J Shark creates ceramic figurines and vessel sculptures. They lend to a gothic aura that is sensitive intimate and haunting. The work develops from the complexity within the individual self.