Booking The Fishslab


1. Booking starts from 1st August.  Please email for information on remaining available weeks.

2. Due to rent increases from Canterbury Council, we have had to increase the rates for the Gallery. The new charges are:-

Thanks so much for the use of your excellent exhibition space. Between us, Anna and I have sold 6 pieces of work (3 each) there over the last week, so it’s been really worth it. Even the (many) visitors who didn’t buy were friendly, supportive and remarkably knowledgeable about art, so we’ve had some great conversations too. As for the lighting and hanging system, from a practical point of view, the gallery has been one of the most hanging-friendly places I’ve ever shown at – very easy and professional. Altogether a really positive experience, which has left us both fired up to do more work. Thanks again.

Simon Spare and Anna Brice-Cockland